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    We don't know yet.
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    I'd be in for 1. I live in the USA and have tried to order from handtec and superetrader but both got canceled and have no other options but for a friendly person from the UK. Please let me know if someone wants to help me out with a pre 3.
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    I am in for 1 as well
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    I will buy 1 for me, I am in Durham NC. I have already tried ordering through 2 UK sellers and got cancellations.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slyb View Post
    We don't know yet.
    RandomContent said he had a pre 3 just laying around. i was asking him how much, not how much hp is charging.
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    I ordered a 23rd on Handtec and I am the unlucky ones who could not get their phone. I live in Hong Kong. There are few Palm users around nowadays as there is simply no distributor for it here and we have to rely on European online stores in order to get one. US model won't work for us as we utilize a different frequency band. I don't mind paying at the full price at Handtec for one but it seems it is not possible to obtain one now. If anyone on the forum can help out I would be much appreciated.
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    To me it seems obvious that there is quite a bit of Non EU demand for the Pre 3 and I just don't understand why HP wouldn't want to unload the stock they have, just like they are doing with the TP? That being said, I would love to get my hands on one here in the US as well.
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    I'd like one as well, please... had an early order in with Handtec, but, I guess I just missed it.

    USA, NY location.
    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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    I would like one. I'll pay 75 more for one! PM me whoever is selling!
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    It seems there's an overwhelming number of international people that want a European Pre 3 on these parts.

    I fear it might not work out, particularly if we're going to fall into the supply and demand game and start paying above market value (whatever that may be, we'll find out tomorrow) for the device, auction-style.

    I created this more in the spirit of a kind of "group buy", with a person (or two, or three) taking charge to do the buying.
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    I'd like one. I have a secure paypal account and am willing to work out whatever details. Just to be sure, Pre3 will work on CDMA (verizon)?
    US, Texas
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    Quote Originally Posted by Siah1214 View Post
    I'd like one. I have a secure paypal account and am willing to work out whatever details. Just to be sure, Pre3 will work on CDMA (verizon)?
    Nope, it will not, apparently.
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    i think the only way anyone in the US is going to get one is on ebay for an insane price.
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    would love to get one here too
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    willing to buy two for fire sale price,will be able to give UK address to ship to, just need some one to order on behalf of me. By the way I am from India, trying to get my first & may be the last web os phone, which I am longing to do for a long time
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    I need one. I am willing to pay for the cost of the phone, shipping, and a "finders" fee to anyone willing to do the leg work. I am willing to negotiate. Thank you.
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    Mea Culpa - I totally mistyped!

    I HAVE Touchpads
    I want a Pre 3

    my apologies for causing confusion
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    Would also love a Pre3.... US.
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    I would be willing to pay full price for a pre3 as well compensate someone for their time.

    I still have my launch day Pre.
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    I'd also be down for one.
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