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    If the carriers sell the units, they are the 1st point of contact, and they do not want to train their employees on (for now) a dead-end environment. The 1st generation TP showed that issues were to be expected. Better to focus on popular Android, BB, Apple phones.

    The euro carriers did not want the Pre3, period. Why is not clear, but my 1st paragraph may be one of the reasons. So if why would HP negociate with the carriers now when HP simply wants to dump the stock, and will not make any HW in the near future anyway?

    I do not think there are enough Pre3 units around to make the carriers worried about (much) lowered sales.

    Talking and waiting is waisting effort (people), storage, and thus money, and they may loose the enthousiasm/momentum; I see units on eBay with remarks "i bought this because everyone wanted one, but have no idea what to do with it", already.

    HP does not care about contracts, and all the stock units are SIM unlocked, which the carriers will not like. I do not think the EU carriers care too much about what device you use, if you stay within your contracts data limits/fair usage.

    All just brainstorming, of course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andyf View Post
    I think it comes down to two things:

    -hp not wanting to refund existing sales

    -hp wanting to get rid of all stock (phones and accessories) asap.

    The first point is not supplying any more stock to retailers. So they dont drop their prices and previous buyers cant complain. Contractually this is difficult if they were already on order, maybe exolaining some of the delay

    The second is done by selling all through eurostore. Obviously that requires significant logistics and packing to get all the accessories combines in as bundles, explaining more delay. I'm sure this is hps plan, its just taking a while to get all the legal stuff and logistics sorted.

    As the other guys have said, I dont think the carriers come into it.

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    I think the bold part sums it up. The eurostore will NEVER get rid of accessories in decent prices as standalone products. So they bundle it up and they effectively getting rid of stock. Plus Palm Eurostore is the OFFICIAL reseller of Palm/HP. It's easier to channel all sales through them, than have to deal with a dozen different resellers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by d3ac0n View Post
    To be more precise: The only countries you can order are:

    Germany (QWERTY only just a reminder for our Deutch friends)

    How do I get it for sweden or finland I got contacts in both countries and Im probebly
    willing to buy one for myself and acouple for people in here for +20-30 for hassle (+shipment cost of course).

    I just got about 1800€ that I can spend but will get another ~2700€ (~3900usd) after august but that is probebly to late anyways. So if I don't get into any hassle I'll try to help people in non EU countries.

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    Only a billing address on those countries can do it. No other way sorry
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    I assume this is GSM?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 6tr6tr View Post
    I assume this is GSM?
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    Quote Originally Posted by raven3k View Post
    Tomorrow will clear everything. I just hope people dont hammer the site, so atleast i can read the announcement.

    There's just too much speculation that adds to the confusion. Plus the wait seems to be killing those who have waited 2-4 days.
    I get mad when I see these 2-4 dayers complaining.

    I've been waiting one week, two days and counting :P
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    I've been here since Friday night when I ordered my touchpad :P
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    Now we know that att branded Pre3's have been made. What are they going to do with them? If they were smart, ok scratch that. Let's say prudent. Get those devices flashed and unlocked. This way we could get them here in the US. If they did a firesale on those I'd pick them up in a heartbeat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WinstonSmith View Post
    I've been waiting one week, two days and counting :P
    Need to check - how many days since February 9, 2011 ... ?

    I just want a Pre3, full price is high, but I can survive paying it. So my order is in @ Eurostore. Everything is now in someone elses hands ( ... ?)
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    Looks like it will not be tomorrow, at least not in the UK
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