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    Hello, so I seemed to miss the HP Pre 3 sale, atleast it seems like it.
    So I'm wondering if any site still got it available for about ~150 max
    or if anyone is willing to sell one.

    I already got an HP Touchpad and getting an pre 3 would be a great
    companion to it

    Please PM me with any suggestions!

    Kind regards,
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    The price cuts are going to most likely be confirmed by the end of the week. Unless we get lucky, we won't know anything substantial by then.
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    Okey so the sale havn't started officially yet? What I've read is that germany already sold out atleast, which is closest to and easiest to ship to finland.

    That pretty much explains why theres no flood on the ebay market yet :P
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    Buy it at - when they get it... I bought it from them lst week - It is a very nice Pre... (much better than the first one, which I also have had for the last two years. :-)
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    There are queues of orders on Handtec and Clove awaiting advice from HP about price and availability. See if you can get in line.
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    Just a friendly reminder that the keyboard layout in the German phones is different (QWERTZ) to what we're accustomed to (QWERTY).

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