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    My order not refund yet by Handtec. They said their bank can't verified my address which is very weird because my payment via paypal and already debited by them. Now they ask about ID that showing address.. Really confusing and yet fishy. IMO, refund through paypal should be easy.
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    Have we created too much demand for the Pre3 in the UK so they are going on contracts/full price?
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    As I understand those retailers that have stock, they are going to sell theirs on contract and give the device free. All other inventory is going through HP official channels (HP store and Palm Eurostore - not so sure about Palm)
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    please donot buy pre3 on contract
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    Thanks to handtec.. finally I got my refund!

    Mode "Hope" ON. Hope unlocked Pre 3 will be available again, even seems the chance quite slim.
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