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    I received my new Pre 3 phone yesterday, and it really is a great phone! Finally the best mobileOS around got the hardware to match... Love this phone!

    However, i have a really annoying problem... The phone won't let me log into my old Palm/WebOS profile, making the phone practically useless without my contacts, calendar and so on. I have been in contact with HP WebOS support numerous times, and tried restarting, erasing my old Pre and more. Strangely, i can create a new profile without any problems, but after restarting the phone i can't log in to the old or new profile. Last thing the support told me was to create and use a new profile till the beginning of next week, and then try logging in to my old one again. Apparently the servers aren't completely ready to handle Pre 3 phones yet... However, i am not certain this is the problem...

    Has anyone else experienced this?
    When i try signing in, the phone says "Signing In..." for about a minute and then "Data Not Restored". The phone is bought through Palm Eurostore in the UK and used in Denmark. I have a good 3G connection on it...

    Hope someone has a better solution than HP support

    Thanks in advance!
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    First!!!...oh wait.
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    Hi, I'm sorry u had this problem on hand. Although I don't have a problem log into my palm profile. I agree that Palm's server is not ready for Pre3 yet. It didnt identify my Pre3.

    Have you try log into manage my device site? Check on ur profile.

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