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    Found this post on Palm Eurostore confirms pricecuts effective Wednesday August 24 | WebOS Blog

    We have a report from a reader that Palm Eurostore is planning a price cut of the Pre3 effective Wednesday August 24.

    The reader who ordered a Pre3 last Wednesday received the following response from customer service regarding inquiry about shipping date.

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting the Palm Store Customer Service.

    Please be advised that HP are planning to announce a price reduction for Palm Pre 3 today or tomorrow. We are holding off all shipments to enable us to pass that price reduction on to you. The price reduction is very significant ( over 60% saving ) and the new price will be around 100.

    We expect to get the clearance on the price today and will ship units tomorrow for delivery by the end of the week. Also the price difference will be refunded accordingly.

    Should you have any further questions or concerns please let me know. I will be happy to assist you further.

    The Palm Store Customer Service thanks you for the opportunity to assist you and hopes to have been of assistance.

    Kind Regards,

    Palm Store Customer Service Representative

    No word if this will effect TouchPad orders but I would suspect that will be the case.

    End quote.

    I wonder how many units they have in stock?
    -Unlocked Pre3 QWERTY from Palm Eurostore
    Activated on German app catalog including Payed Apps with
    -TouchPad from EBay using German app catalog
    German App Cataloge including Payed Apps with
    -HP Veer QWERTZ from MediaMarkt in Germany as backup/tehtering device
    Activated on German app catalog with Impostah including Payed Apps with
    -German O2 Pre- testing 2.2.4 WiFi only profile
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    even more topics to the same information. maybe first read then NOT post?

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