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    This article lists HP as their source. Hopefully they are wrong.

    HP Pre 3 Cancelled in U.S., Will Sell for $75 In Europe | News & Opinion |
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    Burn baby burn.... I sent mine back to the supplier after the bad news last week.. But at 75.. I'd buy one just for the fun of it !
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    Quote Originally Posted by howemi01 View Post
    I think so too. If they have the Pre3 phones already made for the US, why not just sell them unlocked? I think they may be hoping for the licensing.

    The only problem is apparently the other manufacturers don't use the same chips and webOS would have to be repurposed. Can anyone shed light on this in terms of effort and timeframe? I guess if Samsung or HTC thought it worthwhile, maybe they would support HP in repurposing.
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    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    ANy idea when this sale will start? I GOTS to get me some Pre 3 love. I will totally switch my iPhone to Verizon and have my ATT phone be the Pre 3
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    Also any idea where to buy the UK version?
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    so, the fire sale pre3 isnt cdma?
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    The chipset isn't that odd guys. Jesus. Htc uses snapdragon all over, Samsung uses it in the focus and omnia for windows mobile. LG uses it. Heck everyone has some experience with snapdragon. Writing drivers for displays and the like wouldn't be a huge deal...
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    im wondering if they will release them in canada
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    Anybody have any idea when the firesale will start? And on what sites? Missed the boat on the touchpad but this is the device that i want.
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    anybody an idea how to get a device from this new firesale for germany? i desperately need one
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    @snorri788: this has already been discussed in relation to the UK in threads titled "Pre 3 Stock" and "Pre 3 firesale in UK".

    if you're talking about the US i'm very sorry to say you're bang out of luck. it will not come. i mean this with complete sincerity: i'm very sorry and i really feel for you american webos fans right now.
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    im german, so i just need the shipment problem to be fixed.
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    I read this article this morning. I would love to jump on this but finding a way to get the pre3 would be the problem.

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