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    any of the reputed members here can please help me get a pre 3 and a veer from Germany?
    I would really appreciate that, some ice cream ($$) will be sent as well as an appreciation
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    HP Germany tweeted Pre 3 and Veer sold out.
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    thanks for the info bro!
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    Yes, it sold out in a matter of minutes. I managed to get one, because I had ordered one before for 339 €.

    I also have a Veer (That I paid more than 300 € for^^). I don't think you will get any Pre 3 or Veer very easy and cheap. On eBay you will find one but probably it will cost you even more than I paid (this one is already up to 381 €!):

    HP Pre 3 - Schwarz Ohne Simlock Smartphone | eBay
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    Yes pretty impossible to get one currently. Yesterday one sold for 499€ on eBay. Too bad I didn't get through on firesale day
    But I believe we will see more and cheaper QWERTZ Pre 3s on eBay next week.
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    Veers are available form

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