If HP offered the Pre3's that they have already produced to those of us who have been waiting the longest first? Those of us who were watching live-blogs when webOS was announced and sat in front of Sprint stores on 6-6-09, and haven't even thought of leaving webOS.

They have probably begun production, but don't have a warehouse full by now. And since they decided to shut down the devices, they will probably not make any more.

Instead of offering them to everyone at fire-sale prices, how about offering them to those users who are still using our launch-day Pre's first, so we don't have to worry about a bunch of E-Bay resellers buying them all up before we can get to them?

I am sticking with webOS. I got a price-match for my TouchPad, so I am thrilled there, but my Pre is dying. Has been for months. I have been holding out for the Pre3, no matter what network I have to move to. I only hope I can get one.

Probably not going to happen, but it would be nice.