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    BTW -

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    whos buying these? dont think to many of use members are gettimg them. maybe the employees are buying them or an insider and then reselling them. or maybe im just to darn slo
    In the case of the TouchPad, ebay is already being flooded with 200-and-start-bidding and 350 buy-now TouchPads by greedy buggers who only bought a dozen at $99 to make huge profits.

    In the case of the Pre3, however, I don't see any on eBay. It would appear as though HP never produced nearly as many Pre3s as TouchPads and that most, if not all, of the ones they sold were sold to proper resellers (that is, real businesses as opposed to people just wanting in on a quick profit -- for example I could easily see the Pre3 pop up at Pearl, an electronics clearing house here in Germany) and actual, real-life users.

    It seems as though the webOS faithful were forced to either pay 700 for a TouchPad and 350 for a Pre3 (1150 total) or stay empty-handed and look on as random people without an idea of what webOS is walk away with a TouchPad and Pre3 for 180 total - about a 10th of the price. Then again, that means more webOS in peoples' hands = more people loving webOS = more pressure on HP and OEMs to make new hardware.
    We shall see how this plays out.
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    i want my pre 3 and im a die hard fan - will order it via amazon tomorrow.
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    HP Pre 3 - Schwarz (Ohne Simlock) * NEU * OVP | eBay

    Looks like I'm gonna stick with my pre(minus)...
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