If I was Verizon, I would think about releasing the Pre3 anyway (if HP allowed it). With AT&T cancelling its order, Verizon would be the only game in town for Pre3s (assuming the Sprint rumors are true).

I'm willing to bet that anyone faithful to webOS would jump on the VZW Pre3 if it was their last and only chance at webOS on their phone. As the people with the UK units have said, it seems to be a solid phone (not a cutting edge phone, but a good workhorse). And the recent TouchPad frenzy shows that there IS interest in webOS hardware (at a price). Yes, some people want to get it to put Android on it, but probably not most.

And, the Pre3 would complement the TouchPads just sold with TTS, making it even more of a compelling buy.

If I was Verizon, I'd cut HP a deal to such that I only paid for devices sold, and HP took the rest as a loss (better than taking it all as a loss). On the other hand, I'd hand HP back some of the profits if the thing does sell out like the TouchPad.

In the end, Verizon can pick off a lot of Sprint customers and probably a few AT&T customers. HP gets at least some cash back from the Pre3s that were produced. And we're all happy customers!

Am I crazy, or does this seem like a pretty good business proposition?

Maybe we should all call Verizon and say we'd switch over if they carried the Pre3. Help us Obi-wan...