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    Anywhere online I can order a Pre 3 with 16GB of storage? I don't care what bands, I just care that it has 16GB of storage and a QWERTY keyboard.

    I can only manage to find sites with the 8GB Pre 3. Anyone here know where a 16GB one is available?
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    Australia apparently.
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    Anyone know of any 16gb Pre 3's in existence?

    Looking to get one in the UK.
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    I saw one (he listed 10 actually) on ebay, outrgeously priced of course. Wouldn't count on it being legit, though.

    Edit: here's the link -
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    As far as I know, the 16GB Pre3 was announced, but never produced. I could be wrong though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by codecrumb View Post
    Australia apparently.
    edit: nvm okay. got it. sorry for the 'shouting'.
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    Apparently one seller is offering Pre-Orders on eBay

    HP Palm Pre 3 Pre3 webOS Smartphone UNLOCKED 16GB - NEW | eBay

    "Please note: I still expect to get this item in stock in the beginning of September. However, I am not able to guarantee this, since I am at the will of HP.

    If I get only limited stock, pre-order will help ensure you get one. If I am not able to secure any, you will be given a full refund."

    The asking price is quite high, though.

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