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    Lately, HP has been saying that they are essentially getting out of the consumer business to focus on corporate/enterprise. Right?

    Well, I thought the whole point behind getting the Pre3 out there was to be a -business/enterprise- phone. No? Wasn't the Pre3 touted as enterprise ready and enterprise friendly etc.

    Something here doesn't make sense.

    The Pre3 hasn't even been released yet. But, they are already cancelling it to focus on enterprise. That just seems to make no sense.

    No doubt, releasing the Veer first was a monumental mistake, followed by a buggy TP launch. I will give them credit, they were putting devices out on a regular schedule with a seemingly better build quality than Palm was. Not steller, but better.

    On another note, I just got back from a 2-hour round trip drive to another town where I got the 32GB TP from Wal Mart for $149. Had HP come out with agressive pricing like this, along with the Pre3 first, we'd be seeing a very different situation today.
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    I cant find one business feature embedded in Pre3. It's a same phone as Veer, but bigger, with front facing camera for Skype.
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    Yet another lie. You would be a fool to expect anything different. A zebra can't change it's stripes.

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