First of all, I have been following the forum for a year or so but I never posted before.

I have owned around 20 phones in the last 5 years of mostly any OS (Iphone 1st gen - which I hated once the gimmics of the multitouch capacitive screen were gone, 3 Androids (first google developer phone, nexus 1st gen, HTC Desire), Windows Mobile (few HTC variants), symbians (2 nokias and 2 sony ericsson). And of course the Pre 1 (great OS, crap hardware), Pre 2 (same great OS, better not good enough hardware). I used the Pre2 for a month last november coming from the Google Nexus and went bak to the Google nexus by christmas, by February I went back to the Pre2 as I was missing so much the integration tha Webos gives you. Since then I was waiting for Pre3 as the definite phone.

To cut a long story short, I got my Pre 3 on Thursday evening like many other first buyers in Europe... And after two days, and despite HP blowing up, I must say that THIS is the phone Webos was waiting for (which makes the HP move even more bizarre, at least the timing).

The Veer was a mistake as mass-phone. But man, the Pre 3 is nearly perfect, the only glitches to me are software and if HP as they promise, are not producing new hardware but focusing on Webos they should address this quickly with OTAs.

The quality build is very good and the improvements (integrated messaging SMS-GTalk-Skype ala touchpad), autofocus camara, keyboard, screen (it is amazing, just the right size as business phone) makes it a winner if HP wouldn't do this week's stupid move.

Having say that, I still see a way out for HP on this:

They should reconsider their decision of halting the production of the Pre3 and since all the development and production money is already done, use this phone as their development phone to promote Webos and regain developers confidence and bring other builders on board (ala developers when Android and the first Google-phone few years ago). They have nothing (else) to loose now and a lot to recover following this strategy.

The key point for the general public is:

does a 3.6inch screen 1.4Mhz procesor, dual cam phone with keyboard anything different to offer these days?

No, but that is PRECISELY the wrong question (the hardware)

what does the PRE3 offers that no one does is... Similar Hardware with WEBOS: the best, easiest and most pleasant OS to use by a long mile. Since software and services is what they want to sell from now on, they should focus on this using Pre3 as launching platform.

Just a thought,

PS. I might be getting a second Pre3 (firesaled or not) for my brother if I still can.