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    Quote Originally Posted by barkerja View Post
    Well, from what I gathered from the article, it was more than just one missed deadline, it was many missed deadlines. I'm sure it wasn't that alone that attributed to them canceling their webOS products.

    webOS was designed to work on one type of silicon; it's difficult to rework the underlying infrastructure without breaking everything on top. It's like trying to pour a new foundation for a house without removing the actual house.

    Yeah, I got the same thing about the multiple projects missing deadlines. He also made a couple references about carriers deciding not to carry devices because the projects were late.

    He didn't mention all the reasons for cancellations. As we've seen from the past week's events, I wouldn't be surprised if it was leadership not knowing what to do and unable to see things through to completion.
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    Wow. just wow. Seems pretty straight to me, just brutal to see stuff canned like that.
    ...This programming stuff is actually addictive but really hard :/
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    so much for rapid release

    Edit: How many of you feel like you could've done a better job.
    I may sound like an armchair quaterback but this has so much Fail that I think I could do better.
    ...This programming stuff is actually addictive but really hard :/
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    On the credibility of these posts:
    what he says suits with some details, Devs in early access got to know. So I believe this guy.
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    It also fits with Leo's complete lack of communication with his division heads/executives, etc. He's clearly not even working closely with his company. crazy.
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    Yep, check out his recent reponse (even has the internal code name for the phone):

    amaathrowawayLOSTPW comments on IAMA HP Web OS Employee AMAA
    Was one of the canceled phones the phone that was leaked?

    (This one: )

    []amaathrowawayLOSTPW 3 points 2 days ago

    Yes it was. Code named Windsor Not. Though this looks like a prototype as the ID ended up being slightly different. This phone went all the way through DVT, but we missed a software deadline right at the end and carriers decided the hardware was too dated (which admittedly it was)
    (I think he means Windsor Knot)
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    The first unreleased phone, codenamed "Windsor", was targeted for release late last year but was cancelled by higher-ups within the company. The device had a non-competitive design, the hardware team continuously missed their deadlines, and the project was reputed to be terribly managed.

    The second unreleased phone, codenamed "Stingray", was slated for release at the beginning of this summer. It was a thin slab phone with a large glass high-resolution touchscreen, front-facing camera, rear 8MP camera, and no physical keyboard. Employees were excited about this phone as it would answer the cries for a more EVO-like webOS device. It made it all the way through the DVT stage — device verification test, one step before production — but too many software deadlines were missed towards the end, when engineers were pre-occupied with readying the TouchPad. By that point, the carriers decided they didn't want it anymore and the product was cancelled.
    Palm post mortem: what could have been - gdgt
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    This is fascinating. Bookworthy stuff perhaps - Lessons in Mismanagement.
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    Yep, internal sources at HP for numerous news orgs have confirmed this AMA. Absolutely crazy and infuriating. If they just hadn't mismanaged it, we'd have MULTIPLE new WebOS phones right now!

    They missed deadlines in both hardware and software on EVERY device they were working on?! They canceled MULTIPLE devices after working on them for 6 months?! That means they spent all that time and money for ZERO return. And this happened multiple times and yet they continued to do it and continued to be run by the same people? ***.
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    well stuff does get delayed sometimes, the question is why are you trying to fit a device into a presumably tiny window of opportunity. also why cant they just up the clockspeed of the cpu in that phone if its too slow?
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    This person is either an imposter who spent months researching every fact about this team, where they were getting their MS degrees, etc. and what they did or is the real deal.

    It's like reading witness accounts of a disaster. It is like the logs from the Titanic. First-hand accounts are exactly like this. It has holes and is sometimes stating the same things over and is not well organized.

    This is real.

    Egotistical management. No communication. Flawed design.

    People could not believe the Titanic was sinking so hundreds of spaces on the life boats were empty.

    And just like the first time, the band was ordered to keep playing even as the ship sunk. Except this time the captian is not going down with the ship. Our captain is off interviewing.
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    All the more reason why I hope HP can find someone willing to do it right to hand off to. I sure wouldn't trust them to do anything. The level of corporate incompetence in all of this is appalling.

    I'd love to see someone else get webOS and hit a home run, just so I can imagine the HP board of Directors banging their heads against that mahogany boardroom table at this same time in a year or two.

    "Sometimes I feel like an OS-less child..."
    (with apologies to Billie Holiday )
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