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    Also bear in mind that we might get unlocked Pre3 from for dirt cheap. I would certainly get even if its $299
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    I think buying Pre3 cheap and use it for a couple of months while waiting for what webOS is going and await others offerings (mainly WP7 phones with Mango updates, especially Dell Venue Pro.)
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    I like the WP7 since I use a Zune HD. The only drawback for me is the lack of Mobile Hotspot.
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    Next year BlackBerry is said to switch their phones to the same OS that's on their PlayBook tablet. Fast & smooth, and with the cards multitasking UI basically stolen from WebOS.
    A BlackBerry Torch vertical slider with that OS on it looks quite interesting.
    Of course, lots of uncertainties and questions of "if" and "when" about that happening and about RIM in general.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikest View Post
    pretty much this. I'm settling for Android. Next month I'll be choosing between a Motorola Photon and the Galaxy SII (presumably the Epic Touch 4G)

    I'm really going to miss webOS but I'll get that big screen and fast performance I always wanted.
    I picked up a Motorola Photon to replace my Pre this past weekend after the news last week. I really hope webOS finds a way to live on and come back to phones in the future via licensing. Android is annoying and fragmented, webOS is simple and elegant (as if anyone reading this doesn't already know that).

    The hardware on the Photon is nice and the battery life is actually pretty good; I just need to get used to Android.
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    I'm waiting for the Nexus Prime on sprint now, hopefully its not too far.
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    I'm just going to try to get a cheap unlocked Pre3. Screw the apps.

    I mildly like Windows Phone but not enough to actually buy a phone, if this is the death of WebOS then I'll probably have to look at the RIM Colt with QNX
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    I'm actually on the fence if I should just jump on the UK Pre 3. Not even sure if the US one will be released at this point, unlocked or not.
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    I almost missed a prospect appointment this morning as my ****Pre2 had not picked up the item from my google calendar. The good thing is it was on my wife's Pre- (we share each other's calendars) and asked me about it last night.

    I was considering a Pre3 instead of abandoning webos, because of synergy and multitasking. But I bet the **** calendar bug - which I had heard of but never experienced - is also present in OS2.2 of Pre3. I guess no more Pre3 for me. And will change the Pre2 at the earliest opportunity. This bug is the straw that broke the camel's back for me.

    iPhone 5 is the most likely for me. Shame.
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