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    Sprint users don't have to suffer alone anymore. We can all lament that the Pre3 will not be coming out on our carrier of choice.
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    Misery loves company.
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    twos company, threes an orgy, (again looking up?).
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    Feel bad for people who ditched Sprint and went over to Verizon just to be told...."sorry, HP dropped webOS products"
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    pre 3 obsession.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rigo0523 View Post
    pre 3 obsession.
    sounds like a new mens aftershave or something.
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    yea and if we want to stay with webOS after we switch phones to Android or WP7 we can just pick up a TouchPad for $99!
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    hopefully hp will have a fire sale for the pre3's i will jump to att. Hopefully they wait 2 weeks to do it, when I have some money.
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    Maybe the power of the collective of Sprint customers brought it all down. Remember the Verizon and AT&T WebOS users calling us whiners? We weren't whining, in fact we were questioning HPs decision making, seeming lack of commitment and production.... Well, in your face!!!
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