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    huh ?
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    I'm not mad at all HP quit. If I was CEO and losing MILLIONS what would I do? If I'm paying for production of devices and marketing and I'm spending more than what I'm getting in return should I keep going? No...... So stop crying and move on. I will more prob get the Iphone when it comes out. For now I'll stay here in the forums and then bye bye just like many. Pretty soon this forum will be lonely dead. It's sad but oh well. HP were losing a lot of money for a project(webos) that wasn't giving them results.
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    Like others have said, this decision just cost them even more money and put the chances of licensing it to other hardware makers at risk.

    I agree with Derrick(?) on the precentral round table article. Throwing in the towel after only 6 weeks shows a severe lack of balls and extreme short term mindset. It would be as if MSFT caved after 6 weeks of first gen XBox sales.
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    Funny, I thought Ruby was to blame for all of this...
    but in all seriousness, how can anyone act surprised
    HP lied to us many times over these past 6 months, yet many said to wait it out.
    This isnt the first time HP failed with mobile devices (aka Windows Mobile)
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    I completely understand them wanting to cut losses. But really, did they think they were going to come out and immediately be a success when practically NO ONE (compared to iOS and Android ecosystems) has any idea what WebOS is and why they should love it? Techncially they only had devices out for a few months where as everyone else has had devices out OS's out for years and years with a cornucopia of followers. They should have given it at least a year before making a decision.

    Anyways, I have been preparing to buy a new computer because I do photo/video editing. My budget was about $3,500 and I was about 90% sure I was going to get an HP System. Well guess what, not any more. (Not to mention I had eventually planned on picking up a TP when doc editing became available, and also a Pre3 when it was released... about another $1,000 with accessories)

    Based on what I'm seeing on the forums here, a lot of people are essentially boycotting future HP products. Who knows, if enough of us boycott their product lines, we may actually make a teenie tiny dent in their revenue. That will at least get back at them somehow for leading us on all this time.
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