View Poll Results: Will you still wait for the Pre3 after today's news?

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  • Yes, love WebOS even with the shut down and no future support

    130 43.33%
  • No, waiting for the iPhone 5 now

    36 12.00%
  • I think the Pre3 will never be released now

    46 15.33%
  • Time to move on, why support a platform when I don't get any type of support from it

    54 18.00%
  • Jumping ship to Android/Window now

    34 11.33%
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    BREAKING: HP shutting down webOS device operations
  2. mogambo's Avatar
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    Yes, if they start selling it for about £50, will defo get 1 or 2
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    It will depend on what HP say about future support. Not going to be any apps, but as long as the thing works, I might still buy one... Its a great phone at the end of the day.

    But yeah only if they take the price down a lot.
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    Yes. Totally waiting for it to show up in liquidation stores.
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    Nope, but I made that decision 2 days ago when I bought an HTC Arrive. Was planning on returning it for various reasons (it was a step backward in some respects and next update is "fall") and jumping back to my Pre-. Now I'm jumping to either the Nexus S 4G or the Photon instead. I figured it was time to jump and this makes that decision pretty solid.

    I'll keep an eye on WebOS and Windows Phone 7 (I like them both) but I'm jumping to something that's been successful for a while.
    I'm a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess.
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    Made the jump to a photon, it's not perfect, but it works and has apps. I won't support a company that doesn't support me! lol
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    I suppose it's time to switch over to Apple products... they seem to at least be reliable over time.
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    not even that.. at least they give you what you want, and try to keep you happy with updates or a new phone at least every year. I don't even know what kept me waiting and waiting for so long.. Everything started last year, I said they will announce something by December, then I said February is the BIG announcement, then they said Summer, and now is the shut down.. I'M TIRED OF THIS WAIT AND HOPE.. I'M DONE
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    Mine is arriving tomorrow. I don't know what to do.

    I like the Pre because of the Form Factor: portrait + qwerty + my girly hands = win (for me). I love WebOS, I still consider it superior to Android and iOS.

    I have owned a HTC Hero, then a Palm Pre and now a Desire HD. I actually don't use hardly any apps, I like a phone with solid browsing, solid email, solid calendar and solid instant messaging.

    My main concern is signing a 12 month contract and paying £366 over the course of it only to find the phone for sale sim-only next week at about £50.
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    hey if they had a liquidation sale of pre3's id be there in a second to buy one cheap, zero apps or not a cheap unlocked/free phones nothing to ignore, esp as i have an ageing samsung clamshell one that needs replacing.
  11. miata's Avatar
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    Looks like the Blackberry 9930 for me
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    Quote Originally Posted by miata View Post
    Looks like the Blackberry 9930 for me
    RIM will be next to go.
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    If it makes it to the good ole USA I will do my best to get a hold of one.
  14. preak's Avatar
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    I'll wait and see if the Pre 3 launches in the US on Sprint. Who better to buy up all the useless phones than us with launch pre -. At least it would get Sprint some contract renewals. If that doesn't work out, I'll go for the next best thing. Mango for WP7 is looking better and better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rashad1 View Post
    RIM will be next to go.
    Totally agree. I wish RIM bought palm back in the day. They could have marketed it so well. They could have marketed the work AND play phone. Have the phone dual boot (or like a quick OS switcher type app) that could let people switch from "work" environment to the "play" environment (almost what HTC sense was supposed to be when it first was released - that it "sensed" what mode you were in).

    Anyway, it could have been blackberry OS for "work". And then you could switch over to WebOS for "play". I think that thing would have sold like hotcakes; best of all worlds.

    Now Palm is dead, HP killed WebOS, Blackberry OS is dead, RIM is sadly ripping off WebOS with its strikingly similar QNX software, and RIM is slowly sinking into an abyss.
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    preak that was a great laugh!
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    I gave up last night, too long a story and pointless to tell at this point.

    But I'm glad that I was a part of this from the beginning, it was so much fun and I learned lot in the process!

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    I don't need the latest and greatest. I just swapped my Pre- comm board into a fresh Pre+ and happy as a clam. I'll stick with it and then probably swap it into a Pre2 down the road. Then after that maybe there'll be a Pre3, a new webOS solution or at least some hack job I can use on Sprint. The benefit of keeping the same comm board means I don't have to pony up for the $10 "premium data" fee! Hopefully I can pick up a bargain basement TouchPad too. Honestly, I've already got all the apps I need; having 20,000 more available that I'll never use just isn't that important to me. WebOS works for me and does all I need and I'm good with it.
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    my vzw upgrade isn't till the end of sept, so I'm sitting tight on my preplus for now. first time I've been thankful for the sept/early october date - time enough to let this shake itself out a bit I hope
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    I'm rockin' a FrankenPre 2 which I had for a few months, so I have no need for an immediate update. But since a Pre 3 launch is uncertain, and highly unlikely for Sprint I'll probably update my next phone to iPhone(if it comes to Sprint) or Android. Maybe even WP7 depending on how Mango looks.
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