View Poll Results: Will you still wait for the Pre3 after today's news?

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  • Yes, love WebOS even with the shut down and no future support

    130 43.33%
  • No, waiting for the iPhone 5 now

    36 12.00%
  • I think the Pre3 will never be released now

    46 15.33%
  • Time to move on, why support a platform when I don't get any type of support from it

    54 18.00%
  • Jumping ship to Android/Window now

    34 11.33%
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    Regardless of webOS' future, if HP updates the Veer with 2.2 and Skype, there is a good chance that I will buy a Pre3. If they abandon the Veer and it never gets Skype, HP can kiss my hairy bavarian -- ah but I forget about the censorship here.

    If it turns out that HP is, in fact, shutting down webOS and all the talk about keeping it going as a software platform (just the same way Microsoft is running Windows and Google was running Android up until like a week ago) was just something they said, that lowers the chance.

    If it turns out that HP is, in fact, going to keep working on webOS as a software platform for future OEM hardware, that raises the chance. Then again, I fear that if that actually turns out to be the case, all Pre3s will be sold out very soon (especially if there's going to be a firesale) and you'll only be able to find them on Ebay for more than the original MSRP.
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    Hey all, what about the convenience of the touchstone? Frankly, I have kept my Pre- this long just for that reason. Well, not just that reason, but that's a huge part of it. I own about 6 touchstones, and the latest and greatest touchpad with touchstone. I LOVE WEBOS! What am I gonna do now? This sux t nuts rob rudge darby the dingbat sipping soup more than that phrase will ever make any sense to anyone. I cant believe how much HP eats a pair of nuts and they are allergic to the nut disease, peanut wise. Precentral, don't warn me please. I'm acting like howard stern with freedom of speech. I need a phone that shows the multitasking as well as webos and has wireless charging capability. I mean cmon here, we're almost in 2012. Phones should no longer need to be plugged in to charge, only for data transfer and that really has been surpassed by online storage systems.

    Help! Please advise a good phone to replace my pre-, or I'll just have to use it for the rest of my life and stock up on as many pre's as I can. I would really love to learn how to make the pre2 sprint compatible, dag nabbit. Pea soup all.
    I am equivalent to a man dammit.
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