View Poll Results: Will you still wait for the Pre3 after today's news?

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  • Yes, love WebOS even with the shut down and no future support

    130 43.33%
  • No, waiting for the iPhone 5 now

    36 12.00%
  • I think the Pre3 will never be released now

    46 15.33%
  • Time to move on, why support a platform when I don't get any type of support from it

    54 18.00%
  • Jumping ship to Android/Window now

    34 11.33%
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    i'll be grabbing a windows mango phone now instead of the pre 3. Still trying to decide between the dell venue pro or a nokia phone. Might still pick up a pre3 though if its really cheap and at&t compatible.
    iPhone 4s 64gb for personal, at&t Prē 3 for business. Best of both worlds.
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    I would have picked one up, oh well. Least I'm getting a Pre 2 tomorrow!

    Also according to Business Wire their not even going to license it (or according to Wikipedia)?
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    No major (or even small) dev is going to put their resources in making an app for a platform/device that is dead.

    There will be NO MORE DEVICES manufactured. Complete device production halted by October. Do you want to sit there and program for the Pre 3 or the touchpad when you know no one is gonna be buying them? Likely not.

    Sorry. but this is it folks. Time to move on.
    I'm about to frame my Pre Plus.

    Phone I'm considering now VERY hard are:

    1) Samsung Galaxy S II
    2) Iphone 5
    3) Blackberry Bold 9900 for hardware keyboard goodness.
    4) Windows Mango device.
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    yes, I need one NoW
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    I had pretty much given up on HP/Palm last spring. I was just holding on to my Pre- (launch day and it showed) in the hope that the Pre3 would make it worth my while. HP has repeatedly disappointed, and I've had enough. Goodbye, webOS. Hello, Android.

    I held on to my last Treo for a long time; webOS made it worth my while. I love webOS. I'm really sad.

    Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.
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    No, I'll just run out the contract on my Pre- and get whatever appeals to me the most at the time.
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    Yes, I would buy a Pre 3, probably a few of them. But I unless HP already have carriers in the US ready to release them I'm not too sure we will ever see them since HP shot themselves in the ***** by saying they would no longer make phones or tablets. What carrier would want to do business with a company that's launching a device that's DOA. For my sake I hope VZW, for the rest of you whatever carrier you use. I love webOS, I'm enjoying this Touchpad that I payed full price for and I'm glade I was able to get it at all. I used an early upgrade and bought an Iphone 4 and that is something I regret as I hate the thing. The hardware is great but I don't need 500,000 apps that I can't multitask with, compared to webOS the Iphone os sucks, even my iphone ****** friends agree with that. I recently put it in the drawer and reactivated my Pre Plus its just what I like better. My hopes are that another developer picks up webOS and does it some justice by appreciating it and developing some great devices to run it on. Long live the legacy of what Palm created and thank you homebrewer's as you are the life blood that I hope will stick with those of us that really love our Pre phones and Touchpads and will continue to enjoy them as long as we can.
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    I never knew if it would even be released in Australia, but I still want one. I won't go back to the mess that is Android, IOS makes me wanna kill something, and BB looks like it's dying too. A Pre3 is still quite the upgrade from my Pre- anyway.
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    Dead for good to me. Just ordered the BlackBerry 9900. It's been a rough ride, and it ended here yesterday.
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    I just canceled my order for the UK Pre 3. I do not want to buy a device for which the manufacturer has announced it "a dead horse". So I will be investigating new option, which will not include WebOS. Because an OS needs a hardware platform, and for some reason HP seems to think that their beautiful OS can survive without such a platform.

    Why would a developer spent effort on a, what will be for some time (until a new vendor steps in), stale OS?
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    I hate iOS, but I will have to learn it.

    However...there are still 4 weeks until the new iPhone comes out and HP said they will announce how webOS future will be within the next 2 weeks.

    So I should be able to explore all my options.
    But it really looks bad for webOS this time.
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    You're missing a few options.

    Yes, I'm still waiting. I don't 'love' webOS because I've never used it, other than a quick fiddle with a colleagues Pre 2. I like buttons, don't like how restrictive iPhones are, don't have good enough eyes for a Blackberry, find Android too busy. So the Pre 3 / webOS seems like a good fit for me, and if I don't stick with my order I'll be back to the drawing board trying to find a phone I like.

    Will that fit on the poll? :P
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    Im into portrait qwerty form factor and there is no alternative (except huge Venue Pro) so I still may buy Pre 3. Although I know it sounds bonkers
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    I need some help, guidance and assistance I just refused my Pre 3 from the courier this morning as it was DOA. RIP WebOS.

    I need a new phone to replace my current Pre. The phone must have:

    1. An OS that I can get straight to what I want.

    2. A Physical Keyboard and Touch Screen.

    Any recommendations guys ??
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    Quote Originally Posted by EN4CER View Post
    I need some help, guidance and assistance I just refused my Pre 3 from the courier this morning as it was DOA. RIP WebOS.

    I need a new phone to replace my current Pre. The phone must have:

    1. An OS that I can get straight to what I want.

    2. A Physical Keyboard and Touch Screen.

    Any recommendations guys ??
    Buy a HTC ChaCha or a Motorola Droid Pro.

    After sticking with my Nokia e71, I ordered my first webos phone 2 days ago, the long awayted Pre 3. First thing i did today is calceling the order. I feel very unconfortable with a brand new phone with no garantee that all the initial bugs will be evened out. But boy, It's painfull trough, I would have love to have it as a phone.
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    Definately buying. It has all the stuff i need, apps are schmapps .
  17. cgk
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zomer View Post
    Buy a HTC ChaCha or a Motorola Droid Pro.
    A HTC Chacha? A terrible android experience - I'd recommend going for one of the other slider phones before suggesting that.
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    I might consider one as a second phone if I get it really cheap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by en4cer View Post
    i need some help, guidance and assistance i just refused my pre 3 from the courier this morning as it was doa. Rip webos.

    I need a new phone to replace my current pre. The phone must have:

    1. An os that i can get straight to what i want.

    2. A physical keyboard and touch screen.

    any recommendations guys ??
    bb 9900
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    The only two phones I consider now are Nokia N9 with the dead Nokia's Meego, and the pre3 with now dead webos...

    I think I might be cursed...
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