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    This is a sad news really.
    But for us, what shall we do? keep going or jumping the boat?

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    Nope. jumping to android once an ICS device hits Sprint. Pretty bummed about it too...
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    Part of me wants to buy a Pre 3 just because I never got to own one. It would be almost to prove a point.

    But I am on my 5th Pre. What are the odds with my Pre luck that I would make it 3 months? In a couple weeks they will be $100 off-contract. It might be fun to have one.
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    what was the announcement?
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    Buying a Pre 3 when HP will no longer cloud it up for you makes your phone a very neat looking phone/web browser, but likely gone will be your ability to sync with the cloud via HP's servers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Riboflavin View Post
    Nope. jumping to android once an ICS device hits Sprint. Pretty bummed about it too...
    Will you look at the Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic Touch?

    By all accounts that is supposed to be the best display so far.
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    I doubt Pre3 will be releasing in US. After HP announcement, do you really think US carrier will take Pre 3 in their stock? no way!
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    Ok thanks HP! Confusing announcements are awesome... just like the rest of the way you run your company.

    I guess it is all very confused right now but I honestly don't know what to do, it seems like they will continue software support just ditch FUTURE device release (what about the TouchPad GO?? 3G TouchPad??).

    But have they effectively just killed the OS with a badly worded announcement? Regardless of their intentions?

    This announcements doesn't automatically make the Pre 3 rubbish, devices are always dead from the moment they leave the factory - it is the SOFTWARE that keeps it alive...
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    return it. you cant trust hp. im sure you can buy one later if you really want it.

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