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    My Pre3 arrived just a few hours ago so this will be pretty superficial...

    I am upgrading from my UK Launch Day Pre- running WebOS 2.1. Just in the nick of time, as it happens, as that phone's touch screen started to generate phantom taps last Sunday. I might well have waited a bit longer if that had not happened.

    OK. This thing is substantially larger and heavier than the Pre. It doesn't come with that nice pouch but its touchscreen is a bit more protected as the whole outer rim is rubberised. The keyboard slides out nice and precisely, and Wow! what an improvement. I thought the Pre's keyboard was OK, actually, but this one is much better. Being that bit larger helps but the positive "clickiness" of the keys is what really strikes me.

    My upgrade procedure:

    - Ran Backup, to try and keep my Notes and Tasks in particular.

    - Doctored back to 1.4.5.

    - Logged on to my Profile. Nothing to restore; confirming that moving your Profile from WebOS 1 to 2 is a one-way ticket. Old news no doubt.

    - Did a secure erase of the Pre, shut it down and extracted my O2 Sim. R.I.P.

    - Took the back off my Pre3 quite easily. Pulled its battery and inserted the sim.

    - Turned on the reassembled device. The boot-up time doesn't seem much different. Oh well.

    - I had a 3G connection no trouble at all and logged on to my Profile.

    This time my backed up Notes and Tasks (and alarms, web bookmarks and cookies, MMS message history, contact synergies...) were all readily available and Just Came Back. I think this is a fantastic feature of WebOS, incidentally. If you break it you can just doctor it back to factory settings (I haven't checked that I can for this one yet, in fact) and log back in. Brilliant!

    Logging back in to my Google, FaceBook and IMAP email accounts and joining my wifi network only took a few minutes more.

    Most of my apps reappeared while all this was going on. To be honest, I would have been cathartic to have lost a few more than I did. Notable losses were Music (Remix) and the excellent FaceBook app.

    Which brings me to the App Catalog. It is a bit sparse! Music (Remix) is absent and the "Featured" FaceBook app "is not available for your model". Neither is NDrive, by the way. I imagine those two deficiencies will be remedied pretty soon.

    It almost goes without saying that WebOS strikes me as smooth and responsive on this phone.

    Finally, a pleasant surprise: I copied my Pre's collection of MP3s onto this new phone and just for fun played one through the built in speaker. It generates thumping strong sound. I am really quite impressed.

    ...HP is shutting down WebOS operations? Oh well. I might as well post this anyway.
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    too bad, HP just killed webOS. Hope HP updates the OS for current customers.
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    Really glad I just loaded up on Touchstones, batteries, and a car charger. I hope something comes about between now and December when my contract is over.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bcumings View Post
    Really glad I just loaded up on Touchstones, batteries, and a car charger. I hope something comes about between now and December when my contract is over.
    THis might be an example of being careful what you wish for:
    BREAKING: HP shutting down webOS device operations, will "continue to explore options"

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