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    Quote Originally Posted by Spikea4 View Post
    I want a Pre 3 on Verizon, like a crack head needs crack!

    With patching, homebrew, this community, and the innovation of gestures and wireless charging, etc.... How can you not love the Pre/WebOS?

    I think it is the other OS's that are trying to catch WebOS, (and they are getting away with it, cause the masses don't know of WebOS) not the other way around. The biggest problem with WebOS is not enough people know about it and its abilities. If HP can make more people know what we know, it would sell like crazy! Apple lovers get iEverything because people oooww and ahhh over their new toy. I played with my friends iPad for 8 hours. It couldn't even render most web sites right (no flash). His answer to that problem, "oh, I don't go to pages with flash so it doesn't bother me" REALLY I find that hard to believe. And if Apple released the iLint tomorrow he'd buy it!

    All technology goes through the something. Buy a PC, a faster one will be out tomorrow. Doesn't mean the one you have is garbage!
    I used to feel the same way about gestures until my friend showed me how much more advanced and useful the gestures on his Droid Charge are. It makes our simple gestures seem childish and underdeveloped
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    Quote Originally Posted by nappy View Post
    Why do we think featurephone users will even consider upgrading to the Pre 3?
    don't ask me, ask HP. But one could argue it has a nice keyboard?
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    it's likely AT&T on 9/18. ( Only saving thing is that webos itself is unique with the cards view that even if the specs are not the latest, ppl will still be looking my at pre3.

    For the average joe that facebooks, twitters, plays angry birds, surfs a few flash websites, this device will more than suffice and we have 90% of apps the average person uses already. It has an auto-focus 8mb camera and records HD video 720p (per specs)

    For real horsepower I got a monster-*** PC for gaming - what do I REALLY need a dual-core phone for?

    But agree, time to step up the h/w HP....get in line with competitors.
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    HP can kill the pre3 after it delivers me one...
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    And on that positive note, we shall bid this complaint thread adieu.
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