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    I was checking to see if had revised it's estimated release date for the Pre 3 (they haven't, it still says 9th September) and I noticed that the price is now 289.99 down from 349.99.

    This is great but I now fear that the description they have saying it is 16GB is wrong because that price now more closely matches the 8GB ones that people are already receiving from other suppliers.

    I'm going to be really annoyed if I hold out for another 3 weeks only to get an 8GB model I don't really want and could have got for a similar price much earlier.

    I might try and call tomorrow to get some clarification but past experience with their phone and email support suggests I'll just be wasting my time...
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    Don't forget you don't get warranty from them after 28days, only from HP if they are prepared to deal with you directly....

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