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    Guys, looks like HP Pre 3 is available for Free in UK with Orange and Vodafone.

    HP Pre 3 In UK For Free With Orange & Vodafone
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    if this is correct, orange won't be selling it directly either online or instore.

    Uk mobile operators say no to hp pre 3- The Inquirer
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    I think that is correct. Those webOS lovers will have to buy it from else where. That sucks. Sucks to be a webOS luver at this time
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    Yup. Looking like a shop like Carphone Warehouse or if you want it on contract, or sim free from an online vendor otherwise.
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    Did anyone got themselves this deal? Very lucrative I guess if you are a webOS lover and in UK. I wish something like this comes to USA soon.

    Do you think our great homebrew community can hack this Pre 3 to make it work with Sprint? I would love to have this phone.
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    Misleading article tho, have not had any stock yet. Only Clove/Handtec/Eurostore and Mobilephonesdirect.
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    But you can still pre-order. The availability date is a concern though.
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    Or go get it free at mobilephonesdirect who have it in stock?
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    @Noxis, aren't they showing HP Veer photos for Pre 3 at MobilePhonesDirect? that surely doesn't look like HP Pre 3

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