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    Click on HD and full screen to see it properly.
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    Nice. Still jealous. lol
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    New video from u, great!
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    You literally are first. Great job sir. Try another video, same style, with moving cars and whatnot as well. Show fast motion. I would appreciate that.
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    Wow, that's freakin gorgeous.

    So jealous. :'(
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    Very nice!
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    redmist is the envy right now. You are so lucky.
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    Thanks for posting. Where is HP sourcing these camera modules from? Looks like the Pre3 still has trouble with pixelation and refresh rates with any motion at all. Sharp rez while filming still scenes, though.
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    sweet, it works and looks very nice~!
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    Wow, finally some nice hardware.
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    video does look very good. beautifull area that you live in
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    Thanks for upload.
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    The quality of the phone looks great. The form factor is so refreshing. The android slab form factor that are released every two weeks are so blah.

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