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    I wanted to share this with you guys to give this problem as much publicity as possible. I normally refrain from bad publicity for webOS, but in this case I want HP to learn from their mistakes, for once in their lives.

    Here is the letter I just sent to HP Customer Services:


    Thanks for your email.

    I am staggered that you don't expect delivery until next week.

    Please understand that I know people who have received their units today from third party retailers.

    Can you explain to me why preordering a unit directly from you, the manufacturer, is going to arrive with me up to six days later than general retailers, despite being preordered 19 days ago?

    Further, I am not happy that you have taken an extra 100 from my account by mistake, this should have been avoided at all cost.

    I would like to know how you intend to make this right.

    Kind Regards

    I genuinely cannot understand why HP has sold all of their stock to retailers and kept none back for their preorder customers. It is a complete shambles - and that's before they charged my card for the wrong amount.
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    So the title of this posting should be more like: "Bad experience with pre-order of Pre 3 from HP UK" ?

    Your one bad experience doesn't make for country-wide "disaster". Especially as other users are receiving their units from non-HP sources.

    Please note that I do agree that both complaints in your letter seem serious. But just from the subject I expected a very different posting ...
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    That's a fair point, thanks.
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    Odd. Where did you order it from? There was no pre-order thingy on the HP website? Palm Eurostore?

    I hope it works out okay for you. Keep us posted
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    So the title of this posting should be more like: "Bad experience with pre-order of Pre 3 from HP UK" ?
    I agree. This title leave a completly wrong idea...

    Best Regards...
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    Quote Originally Posted by errade View Post
    That's a fair point, thanks.
    i feel for pre-ordered for a reason....

    I've seen plenty of problems written about HP ...i feel there use to just selling there x amount of laptops a minute that they lost there bed side manor....
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    although the OP's post doesn't justify disaster the title of the thread isn't wrong. No UK carriers, no publicity what so ever, no proper press release from HP, no stock from HP yet, no 16GB model (who would buy an 8GB phone with only 5GB of free storage? - been there with the omnia 7 and sold it after a month).

    Its all very disappointing but I will still buy one because as long as HP can sort of keep webOS alive for another year I ultimately don't care how many they sell as theres no doubt the pre3 is the best mobile phone in the world and thats all I need.

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