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    I'm warning you, it's very boring. Most of the time is taken up booting and me desperately trying to get in, to change the SIM

    EDIT: Here's another one..

    This too is pretty bad.

    1. Me trying to get TTS to work. I NEEDED to touch the Pre3 to the Button on the TouchPad it would have worked then!!

    2. Also, 3G didn't appear to work. I needed to download the setting from TalkMobile to get it to work. It's fine!!

    EDIT 2
    Touch To Share demo..

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    Don't belittle your own work Cheers for the video!

    €dith: Too bad there's no touchstone included
    €dith2: Aaah, why didn't you turn it for before you pulled the battery?
    €dith3: You probably should get rid of all those mail adresses in the video. Or do you like spam?
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    Argghhh you put your handset on stone, it should be on cloth woven by women of pure virtue in some far off land

    Just ordered my Pre 3 from Box, I always bought 16Gb handsets but never even use 4Gb lol.

    So excited My girl will be getting the Pre 2 to replace my old Nexus One she is using.

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    you guys in the UK suck *** where is the USA love baby....
    congrats on the phone and the video was still good

    BTW you forgot to lick the phone and make sweet love to it
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    Thanks for the video! The thing looks great!
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    Thanks for the video. My Pre 3 is transitting in Bahrain, hope it finds its way to board a plane to Hong Kong soon......
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    Quote Originally Posted by RedMist View Post

    I'm warning you, it's very boring. Most of the time is taken up booting and me desperately trying to get in, to change the SIM
    You are the first to have a retail device in your hands and you made a unboxing video. There is no boring thing about it.

    Thanks for the vid
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    Appreciate your efforts and many thanks.

    Still waiting for mine to arrive.
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    Any chance of trying out mobile hotspot? careful - most carriers screw you when they detect tethering, but you could just view (and not connect to) the created wifi network using your touchpad?
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    Any chance you can drop it onto a hard surface so we can see whats inside it and cure our jealousy a bit too
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    Not boring at all! Thanks for uploading. Any video is better than no video.

    Also, can you make another video of you playing with it? And what version of webOS is it running? 2.2?

    I'd like to see how fast things run.
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    Awesome! Thank you! Can't wait for the Pre3 to come to the United States!
    Proud owner of a TouchPad, a Pre3 and a Veer!
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    Enjoying your second vid. A few quick things:

    -does closing cards by pulling down and 'springing' have the angry bird sound like the touchpad?

    -does the app catalog work?
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    Fun video but wanted to know what version of webOS it shipped with 2.1 or 2.2. Also the attempts to use TTS reminded me of the opening scene of 2001 Space Odyssey (see video 2 for that).

    RedSlug360's Channel - YouTube
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    You titled you video Pre2 unbox 2 for the second video, might want to change it to Pre3.

    Thanks for the video. Looking forward to a full review.
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    Nice videos You should do a third one after all the applications restore so we can see how fast and responsive the pre3 really is.
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    LOL it is TOUCH to share not Bash to share after all!!
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    great video~!! how is the TTS feature?
    Want to help design and write an app?
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    Thanks for the video! I'm curious how it feels in your hand. I went from a Pre to a Pre 2 to a Veer and I feel awful when I pick up my friend's Pre.
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    Macedonian -

    Вие сте многу супер добра за да ги сними си мисли за да за unboxing ако на твојот pre.

    Back to English -

    You are a very great good to record his thoughts to the unboxing if your pre.
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