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    im surprised no one has posted this video. yes its in french but you get to see everything that comes in the box and alot of stuff about the phone.
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    also in that video you can see apps open super fast and everything is smooth. i cant wait till they release it in the states.
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    I'd like you to open a PDF document and scroll around without the pdf reader crashing.
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    * I would like to see how the front and back camera work.
    * I would like to see how picture macros work.
    * I want to see how Skype works.
    * I want to see how fast email is in comparison with the Pre 2.
    * I want to see PDK apps running.
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    what applications do you want to see running.

    also if anyone wants to see Skype I'll need someone to call who will give a review of the call quality. Volunteers? Assuming that is, that Skype is included.
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    a sexy blond holding the phone, doing wired things to it

    ok I am sick but I cant help it
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    Really want to see the 720p video and how well the camera takes photos. That's not really an unboxing but one can hope.
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    I'd like to see size comparison.How much bigger and thinner is it then the pre-,pre plus,or pre 2.You could also show off video chat or the front facing camera.
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    Some of the following that I'd like to see would require multiple pre 3s.

    1. how good the autofocus is on rear camera and photo comparison vs pre 2
    2. spearker sound in comparison to the rest of the pre line, veer, and touchpad
    3. how strong the slider mechanism is, wiggle it to mimic oreo
    4. raw speed of pre 3vs overclocked pre-,+, and/or pre2 if available
    5. boot and restart load times
    6. charging on original touchstones - not whether it's possible (it's been said to work) but whether it is faster on the new ones. A review or feedback will do.
    7. bluetooth pairing with headset and touchpad - if multiple pairings are possible. Just for kicks if it is possible, what happens when another bluetooth head set is paired with the touchpad also and a call comes in? Would you be able to give one of the headsets to someone else and do 3-way.
    8. tts in detail, what needs to be setup on both devices in order for it to work and if transfer is one way only. Also if tts works from pre3 to pre3.
    9. whether or not sites like hotmail work.
    10. whether or not multiple pre 3s can be had on the same account.
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    All of the above & I'm eagerly awaiting.
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    the palm logo
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    Quote Originally Posted by spbb View Post
    the palm logo
    <DR.EVIL>While we're at it how about some sharks with fricken' laser beams? </DR.EVIL>
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    Battery life... not really for an unboxing, but if you could give some indication of how long it lasts with everything off except the phone signal (locked to 2G?), that would be very greatly appreciated! I'm on the verge of returning my Pre 2 and getting a Pre 3, but need to be able to survive between overnight charges.
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    If you're in the UK, can you show any BBC content (iPlayer, radio feeds etc)? These don't work on the Pre 2, but with Flash support and any other updates, I'd be interested to see if they work now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spbb View Post
    the palm logo
    here it is
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    rot, you have yours already?
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    I want to see a Sprint logo on the box, lol.
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