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    Whenever they come out IMHO. We already have the HP "Touch"stone, "Touch"Smart, and the "Touch"Pad. I don't see why they shouldn't keep with the touching theme throughout the rest of their products. We can have the "Touch"Phone, the "Touch"Tube (T.V.), and the "Touch"Pod just to name of few. I know some people will say we are copying Apple. However, Apple even said great artist don't copy, they steal. This will take the "i" theme to a whole new level with a myriad of devices unlike Apple. Personally, I think the "touch" theme tells consumers that they need to go out and well, touch it. What do you think?
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    Good point and yes I agree. Would be a problem for Marketing, but I understand where you are coming from. Sorli...
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    yeah i was actually a lil bit disappointed they named the 7 inch TP the touchpad go. i was hoping the would be TP7 and the slab device be the TP GO.
    i guess they will get a weird name like veer or pixi for the slab now =\
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    Thats a good idea im liking the "touch" theme!
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    not a bad idea but TouchPhone sounds awful. maybe something like HP TouchPro
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    Very good idea indeed
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    DANG IT!!!!, I love this thing, but I just burned my finger on my TouchToaster!

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