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    Quote Originally Posted by falconrap View Post
    As an Engineer, designing the hardware is usually the easy part. The part that takes all of the time is the software. Remember that the Pre 3 does have some hardware differences over the Veer. So the software was probably ahead for the Veer, while the Pre 3 was still behind. Understanding how this stuff started with Palm, it's very likely that the Veer was prototyped a couple of months ahead of the Pre3, as Palm was coming off the Pre 2 design (which, quite frankly, they should have pushed more because it's an excellent phone).

    HP isn't behind schedule, per se. They are pretty much on track. The reason they announced so early (keep in mind that the Pre 2 got officially announced at Verizon at the same time), was to make sure everyone knew they were bringing some great products to webOS, that this was only the beginning (remember webOS on the PC), and that they wanted developers to understand the scale they would be bringing and, therefore, start developing apps. HP wasn't in the position of sitting on a strong marketshare base, where they could just wait until the phones were ready. They had to announce early to end the death knell calls.
    There have been Pre 3 units that went out to developers months ago, so it's probably not software, probably not hardware, but is instead something stupid like executives that can't handle doing their jobs and actually DO something, like sign off on a product. Seriously, the Pre 3 was probably ready to go back in March/April with WebOS 2.1 at that point, so all of these delays are for no purpose.

    I know it's not easy to go from concept to actual product, but in the same way that Palm waited month after month after month to release the original Pre, it feels like HP is just waiting to release, for no reason. HP offers financing for the Touchpad in some markets, so they could offer the Pre 3 unlocked with financing to help people right now if the carriers are being stupid about not taking it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by srb151 View Post
    First, I am not naive
    I didn't mean you personally, and if you thought I meant you, I offer you a sincere apology.
    I just said that some people seriously seem to believe that making a consumer device is a quick chore. It really is not.
    , second, since this is all speculation, lets throw out a more real
    timeline due to a few facts....
    1. In Feb, they had at the very least working prototypes, if not pre production models
    to show. One heck of a lot further along than day 1.
    I absolutely agree - in fact, that is what I was trying to say when I said that they were probably negotiating mass-production for it in February. Alas, mass-production also takes some time.
    2. As you said, multiple teams. There's no reason the pre 3 should be months behind
    the veer and touchpad given what we know, if they were developed concurrently.
    Who says that they were developed concurrently? That is, they WERE developed concurrently as in side-by-side for a while, but who says that the projects all started at the same time?
    The Veer has a Palm corporate ID attached to its FCC filing, suggesting that the Veer had already been worked on before the buyout.
    The TouchPad had been known as the PalmPad before the buyout, suggesting that while the prototype sent to the FCC was already made by HP, Palm had already worked on it for a while. I actually even remember talk to the effect that seeing webOS on a PalmPad prototype was part of what eventually made HP pull the trigger on the buyout. I wouldn't be surprised if the TouchPad was actually the FIRST of these projects to be started, and that it only wasn't the first to be released because HP wanted to launch it with the next-generation webOS3 in order to get Enyo apps flowing.
    It actually looks as though the Pre3 project was the last of the three we're talking about to actually be started, which would make the Pre3 product, logically, also the last to be launched.
    3. HP wasn't starting from scratch...A good deal of the basic groundwork was done
    before HP even bought Palm. Which shortens development time further.
    Groundwork doesn't help much. Seriously. I can't talk openly because even though I don't work for that organization anymore I'm still under an NDA that will essentially allow them to hunt me down and murder me with Velociraptors if I spill any beans, but: we took almost a year and a half to get out a decimal update to our software - the Y in X.Y. The GROUNDWORK is actually often the easiest stuff to establish.
    It's all the structure on top of the groundwork that takes time and effort. I actually imagine it's the same in construction work: the foundation is pretty easy to fill in with concrete, the problem is building that skyscraper. Sure, I know what you mean: Palm had already done work and HP only had to pick it up. But you don't know how far the Pre3 project had come when HP came along - if indeed it had already progressed beyond the most basic of stages - and what HP engineers wanted to change about those designs.

    Sorry, it doesn't look good still from where I sit. As I said, I hope it succeeds, I want
    one, but HP must have some pretty good size issue somewhere going on, be it with
    the carriers or elsewhere.
    You've been saying that.
    I've been saying that HP may actually want to stay in line with Mr. Apotheker's order that products shouldn't be announced way before their availability. They had to make an exception with Think Beyond for strategic reasons, but now they may actually wait with telling you that you can get the Pre3 on AT&T until you can actually go and get it on AT&T.

    And I reckon not announcing stuff like that way in advance has its benefits, as this thread shows: apparently carriers are Kings in America and can act as they please, up to and including the breaking of contracts. Now Sprint, out of fear that RIM may be doing badly, has taken a revenue stream from RIMM - with the result that RIM is going to be doing badly: people will say "well if sprint didn't want that, I don't want that". A situation that could've been averted had they not announced so early. Except on aficionado internet platforms, people don't usually think bad things about stuff they don't hear on the news. They usually don't think at all about them, and it's better for them to NOT think about a product than for them to think that a product isn't being deemed good enough by a carrier.
    I think RIM is going to face a Palm situation quite soon, maybe next year: scrap the company and sell off patents OR sell the company. I do think there will be a few suitors, and they may even be interested in RIM's QNX implementation. Interesting times.
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    personally i do not think any carrier here is interested in the pre3.
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    The Pre3 was always planned to arrive AFTER the touchpad, during the summer of 2011.

    That was made abundantly clear on Feb 9th.

    It may not launch in the US first, but it will certainly launch in the US.

    This is NOT controversial at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    This is NOT controversial at all.
    I suspect that everybody knows this, which is exactly why they're creating this huge controversy - guys, is the Pre3 ever going to come? It's been over a year since it was announced and still no word. Guys, isn't it going to be terribly outdated? GUYS! What if nobody wants webOS, ever again? Because if there's no news, that's what it means: nobody wants it! (If there's no news from Apple, well, that's because they at Apple are marketing geniuses and know that no news gets the excitement up. This isn't true for HP, because only idiots work at HP and they would never be smart enough to do the same thing, so if it SEEMS like they're doing something similar, that's just coincidence borne out of stupidity.)

    If there AREN'T any bad news, by golly, we'll MAKE some bad news out of thin air. Can't leave the webOS people in peace, lest they actually start being happy about the future. Because we've seen that webOS users are happier with their platform than any other users. This must not stand!
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    I was just at a seminar where there was a high up HP rep doing a demo for a large IT group shoing the WebOS platform and all the devices. He said over and over again that he could not state what carrier was getting the Pre3 because HP had not announced it. But he then promptly handed me a Pre3 demo with the ATT logo in the top left. Said only one carried will get the Pre3 at launch and that Sprint does not want to sell WebOS devices. Said HP would love to continue with them but looks unlikely. He did mention that the "slate" phone is due out Q1 of next year. take it for what it is worth. I would love to jump from Sprint and get the Pre3 to match up with my TP and keep the eco system running, but looks like I will have to switch to iPone based on nothing more then plan cost. For a single phone I am saving almost $70 a month.
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