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    Quote Originally Posted by milominderbinder View Post
    Maybe someone just did:

    Six months without the HP Pre3 [editorial]

    Cut to the concluding paragraph:
    "The Pre3 was a contender back in February. Now were not so sure. Were not going to go so far as to declare the Pre3 dead-on-arrival as some others have we certainly still want one and we know many of you do as well but unless HP pulls out some sort of pricing and marketing miracle, its also not going to be the rebirth of the webOS smartphone that weve been waiting more than two years for."
    We are the webOS fansite and we are saying, "Were not going to go so far as to declare the Pre3 dead-on-arrival".
    I think the point is that HP needs to talk to us. The awesome people at know what we are saying(since they monitor the site), but unless they get some news, what else can THEY say except to post about what we talk about here in the forums?

    So, HP isn't talking, HP isn't even hinting at what is going on. HP is playing with the Touchpad, which won't sell as many units as the Pre 3 would have, and the Pre 3 is still nowhere to be seen. I am still on my 2-year contract until May of 2012 for my Pre Plus(AT&T), but I could upgrade to a new WebOS based phone NOW if the Pre 3 was available. I still want a Pre 3, but as time goes on, I find the lack of real news the one thing that has me checking back for news less often. Why bother checking even daily when there is no news, and no hint that there is something at HP going on?

    For the record, HP is currently saying "in the coming weeks" now when asked about the Pre 3.
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    remeber when they said "the coming weeks"
    for the alternative plans for pixi pre and pluses?

    probably doesnt mean anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YankBoy View Post
    VZW has treated the Pre brand with little more than disregard. I can see them passing on the Pre 3 and waiting for HP to come out with something very competitive.
    how can HP do that without phones on Verizon?
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    put phones on Sprint...
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    I was at a seminar recently and actually had a Pre3 in my hands, pretty slick, noticed the ATT in the top left. Rep states that looks to be only carrier at launch, nothing do out on Sprint at all but he would love to get a device on them. (sounds like sprint is the hold up) Also hinted that the "slate style" phone looks to be released Q1 next year.
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    the more I wait for the pre3 the more I believe it's d.o.a. Don't think I can't wait out much longer, but I love the fact my little pixi+ doesn't time out when downloading 1 gig files. Might just be time for me to jump on the pre2 but I want the pre3 so badly. Damn you hp!!!!!
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    Maybe the CDMA version is for PagePlus
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    Maybe verizon will carry Pre3.
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