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    I am in the UK, I am considering returning to a Pre3 (I had the Pre prior to my current Desire HD). I also want a Touchpad but cant afford it out right, I am hoping places will do a combo contract jobby? The Pre3 looks pretty cheap most places so I am hoping for something like 99 up front and 35 a month for 18 months.

    Anyone got inside scoop or better yet seen anything like this anywhere?
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    I have the answer!

    Nobody knows!

    How about a little wait and see type thing?

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    When I went in to carphone warehouse to look at the touchpad the people in there said they expected to be doing a combo deal when the Pre 3 launches, they just had no details on what it would be.
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    Well for comparison, at Carphone Warehouse now (FREE Tablets and FREE Smartphones - The Carphone Warehouse) a Blackberry Playbook 16GB / Torch combo goes from 31/month & 339 up front to 46/month & 159 up front.
    Motorola Xoom / Defy combo is slightly cheaper.
    Oh and those are the 24 month deals so unfortunately not quite as good a deal as you're hoping for on the Pre 3 / TP!
    Still seem like decent deals to me though, apart from the 24 month contract.
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    given how HP operates, I'd be surprised if there weren't any combo deals, especially if the pre3 debuts around the same time as the spec bumped touchpad.

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