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    they will market the pre3 with the 7 inch tablet just as the veer went with the 10 inch.
    when is the 7incher coming? I always thought Sept for the education mkt. The att manager I spoke with in may was told and trained for veer and touchpad for att but not pre3 he said, maybe that is the att exclusive combo whereas vzw then gets the 7 inch combo with the pre.
    also the email Kessler heard about said HP wants att and vzw. The vzw guy was there at that big July HP enterprise conference where Leo introduced the touchpad.
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    I was at a seminar recently and actually had a Pre3 in my hands, pretty slick, noticed the ATT in the top left. Rep states that looks to be only carrier at launch, nothing due out on Sprint at all' but he would love to get a device on them. (sounds like sprint is the hold up) Also hinted that the "slate style" phone looks to be released Q1 next year.
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    Interesting. People were so mad at the original poster for this thread. After today's developments it looks like he was actually right to bring up the topic for discussion.
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