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    Mobile Fun(?) making Palm 3 available in UK next Tuesday!

    Mobile Fun announces the release date and price of the SIM Free Palm Pre 3 | Latest press releases | PressGo |

    From the press release:
    The latest Palm Pre handset, the Palm Pre 3 is packed with both an easy to use touchscreen and slide-out keyboard, making it the perfect handset for multi-tasking. Even better, Mobile Fun is releasing the SIM Free Palm Pre 3 next Tuesday (9 August) for only 359.99.
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    320x480 screen??? I hope thats a mistake.
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    I hope this is true. Where's an official announcement from HP.
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    They can't even get the specification of the device correct, that coupled with the websites name (MobileFun) makes me dubious of this nugget of information!

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