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    Is there a particular reason why the Pre 3 will launch in Europe before the US? I recall seeing a report saying that webos is popular in Germany. In the other countries not so much.
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    probly cuz u.s. cell companies a pain in the --- to work with and get phones approved. can be the only reason.
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    People in North American are more likely to get there phones from carriers instead of buying them outright.

    No carriers = no Pre3

    Why would AT&T bother with the Pre3 if the iPhone is going to be released around the same time. As much as I'm not a fan of the iPhone, it does sell, and sell well.

    HP might have shot itself in the foot using a processor that wasn't market ready in February, and not releasing it with webOS 2.1
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    Are you asking this because it was reported they were getting it at the end of the month? Who said we arent getting it before or at the same time? It hasnt been said.
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    Most likely European carriers are less dictator-like and easier to do business with
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    I'm guessing carrier power flex and corporate red tape that comes along with it. But I'm just guessing. I have no idea how the Euro industry works.
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    touchpad was also 2 days earlier available in Germany. Pam Pre- was 3 months later available! Its only fair
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    You got fairness when HP released 2.1 for your Pre Plusses but not for ours. :P
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    Guess the answer might be heavily related to an acronym; GSM - it's all over Europe. You know, that thing that allows us to phone and download simultaneously. 8o)

    According to Adobe and their price policies, Europeans are wealthier and many of us doesn't care for carrier lock-downs at all.

    With less pain up the **** from the carriers, it makes perfect sense.

    Besides, after how Palm have treated us - and partly HP in the beginning, we definitely deserve some love!
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    Europe was 3 months behind with the Pre launch so now its the US time to wait?

    Or maybe its just because its less hassle to sell a unbranded unlocked device ie no carriers to ***** with.
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    I hope it launches in the U.S. at the same time, but it doesn't look like it.

    -TouchPad reviewers were given European Pre 3's.
    -European sites had the Pre 3 available for pre-order for months now.
    -The recent 21 min youtube video of the Pre 3 unboxing & walkthrough (in French)

    Everything is pointing to an imminent European launch & a big ? for U.S. launch. It's starting to feel like the Pre 2 launch again, and if that's the case, the Pre 3 really doesn't have a bright future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsgraphicart View Post
    Are you asking this because it was reported they were getting it at the end of the month? Who said we arent getting it before or at the same time? It hasnt been said.
    Be nice if that happened, but if it was coming in August, it would show up in inventories, training sheets or other forms to the stores by now.
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    All I can think of to answer the OP's question is that old "Life" cereal commercial, where they let Mikey try anything and everything first, cause, "he'll eat anything!"

    Sorry, I just had to.

    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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    I think it's because europeans like slick,sexy looking gadgets and the pre 3 seems like it caters to that want.So it might sell better there,just my opinion.
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    Because the US is not the center of the world

    Maybe they are launching the Pre 3 first in Europe because there are less smartphone users in Europe, which translates to a bigger market interested in a new smartphone; because Europeans prefer to buy unlocked off contract phones more than Americans, because the European carriers are not as complicated to negotiate as Americans, etc.
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    Also, in Europe you often get better deals buying off contract than on contract. In Norway for example only the iPhone 3G has been carrier restricted in recent years.
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    So they can do a trial over there and work out all bugs before US launch.
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    Europeans are just plain lucky.

    Unless they happen to live in France, then they get lucky!
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    why not Europe first. The only ones clamoring for a Pre 3 over here is us forum members.
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