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    Does anyone know if this phone will be sold unlocked ?

    I would like to get one and then use an ATT Prepay card for unlimited everything at $50.
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    I recently went to an authorized AT&T seller and asked about this very same thing. I was told that smartphone data would not work on prepaid. You could still get data via wifi but not via cellular.

    Of more concern, is that I was told that when you switch over to prepaid, you won't necessarily get the same reception as prepaid phones only get reception from AT&T owned towers. Unless you know that you're in an area of exclusively owned AT&T towers, I would not chance it. I have the 200 txt messages before it was eliminated. If I switched to prepaid and then back, I would not be able to get the same services I had before...only the ones available to "new" customers.

    While $50 unlimited sounds like a great idea on paper, it doesn't sound like it'd pan out the way you want. I wish I had other news because I also wanted to free myself from my landline. Of course, you should check with your local AT&T store to see what their take on it is.
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    You can get prepaid data, but it's only 3G.

    However, you're not going to get prepaid data with the $50 unlimited plan, which says: "Smartphone users must purchase a separate data package."
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    You guys are wrong.

    I have been testing prepaid plans from Tmo and ATT on my Nokia N8.
    The N8 is a 4G (whatever that means) phone with hardware for faster than 3G data on ATT and TMo (HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1700 / 1900 / 2100).

    Usually for each I am at 2Mbs. My firends EVO on Sprint and Atrix on ATT are usually in this same ballpark.

    One day at a certain location I got, beleive it or not, 8Mbs from ATT.

    Also, keep in mind that $50 Prepay plans are tax free.

    You pay no more than $50.

    Thats $1200 over 2 years.

    An ATT contracted plan with text and data will have you round $2900 per year (after taxes) for the same thing.

    For that you can buy an unlocked highend phone and a really nice laptop.
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    I saw this thread and the first thing that comes to mind is all the unverified information being spread. There are prepaid smartphone voice and data plans available from AT&T. I cannot vouch for tmo.

    If you do a search for "prepaid data" here on P|C instead of discussing it endlessly, you will find accurate information about different plans and pricing for every carrier that are available for prepaid users.
    I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and donít necessarily represent AT&Tís positions, strategies or opinions.
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    Hey I'm just going by what the AT&T GoPhone page says. If I'm wrong, don't blame me, blame the people who wrote that confusing site.
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    "Smartphone users must purchase a separate data package."

    This is not true.
    This is there for lamo's that will just tell the ATT rep, "here take this extr money please".

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