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    just saw the first ad for the german Pre3, displayed on the site of the german whole seller for HP, Brightstar/Techdata.

    Maybe we really get our hands on this device sooner than later?

    btw. the delivery date is still 5th of august, but it is also still marked as "unconfirmed".
    Nevertheless, all advertisements are in stock...posters, brochures, pocket sales guides, dispensers...
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    Good to see more Pre3 stuff popping up now. Was dreadful through that period where there's nothing but TouchPad.
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    However: "Denkt wie kein Zweiter" ("Thinks like nothing else"). Somehow I don't like this translation of "works like nothing else"...
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    That is awesome news. I think we are very close to the launch
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    Quote Originally Posted by Soorma View Post
    That is awesome news. I think we are very close to the launch
    Lucky Europeans!
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    and now the Pre3 is promoted on the main entry page of the whole seller with a bigger ad.

    Still only the 8GB version is in the system and 0 devices are in stock, though. However, the august 5th date is gone and no new delivery date is shown.
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    Awesome! Can't wait !
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    the new delivery date in the whole-seller network for germany now is August 29th.
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    I'm on my last nerve with HP f'ing up palm. I'm sue palm would have put out a crappy phone by now but atleast it would have been something. Now where almost 8months past February and we can't even get half solid info on this phone. Soon as I get some more money once college starts I'm done waiting. They wont get their act together any time soon.
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    i dont know if we could blame tihs on HP... seems like they had supply issues.... with the earthquake and all =(
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