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    Pre 3 im Palm-Eurostore in 1-2 Werktagen lieferbar? | webOS Blog

    I follow some foreign WebOS sites and i came across this? What do you guys think?
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    There's a bunch of dates floating around. It'll release when HP says so. Just gotta wait till then.
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    Yeah, But it's a good time passer till then that we guess and see. I believe the Sept 22 date. Only because a few days ago i was searching through HP's HTML version of the site and found something that said in 60 days and taht was a few days ago. and 60 days from the day i found it was around the 22. That one dude heard or something about the 22nd. and my friend who works for AT&T is friends with the manager and she said that they're releasing new phones around August 15th and the 20th of September.. So if they're going to release it in the Summer time for the US.. it has to be one of those two.. I HOPE it's the August 15th date.. but if not. September 22nd is better then never.
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    yeah kind of sucks as there is nothing to talk about
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    Too many different dates. I will believe when I see it launched.
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    How come HP has already released review units to a bunch of people, yet the release date for this phone seems to be long from now? I would've thought they send those units when the release is somewhat close...I bet those reviewers know the release dates better than we do, as I'm thinking they are not allowed to submit their reviews until the product is almost out?

    ...I give up guessing, I'll just wait until the end of summer. *sight*

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