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    Just heard some great news today. I work for Radio Shack, and I've been stuck with pre minus since launch, because... well we all know why. All of my other employee lines are taken up, so i've been trying to figure out a way to get the pre3.

    Well now with the news that Radio Shack is dropping Tmobile, and selling Verizon, I will be able to drop the dough and get the phone. I know its not big news elsewhere, and to anybody else, but it means i'll be getting it so i'm happy.

    On another note, this does mean there is another place that will sell webOS phones, and we need all the help we can.
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    i got my very first palm pre- on launch day morning from Radio Shack!....Memories lol!!
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    Thanks for the Link Bob
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    I believe Radio Shack sold Verizon phones some years ago.

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