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    Every now and then a website makes a claim that gets everybody excited and then the claim proves to be unreal. So when I searched for Pre3 contracts (just for the heck of it), and found it available for free (well, 10) on a 2 year contract, I got all excited. So here it is. You need to choose HP and then Pre3 from the panel on the left hand side. This brings the best deal they have, but you can then opt to see all the deals on all the carriers.

    Mobile Phones - Best Mobile Phone Deals on Orange, O2, T-Mobile, 3, Vodafone

    The good thing is that the website belongs to carphone warehouse so unlikely to be a sham. The bad thing is that I cannot find the phone on carphone warehouse main site (although it used to be on their site as an upcoming phone. It has now been removed), so it is unlikely to be officially carrier supported, but you never know....

    Somewhere it does say the phone needs to be pre-ordered, but otherwise if you select a deal on Orange or T-mobile, you can go through most of the purchasing process. I went as far as entering my details.

    The other interesting thing is that if you choose O2 as the carrier you can only pre-order it with no prices announced, whereas on T-mobile/orange you get prices and tariffs and go through the order process. The fact that on the same web site one carrier has actual tariffs and another one only pre-order information suggests to me that this is more than just a typo and its arrival should be imminent. Make you own mind, however...
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    O2 have already announced they won't be carrying the Pre 3.

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