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    I'm also considering the Veer even though I'm pretty sure that the Pre 3 is exactly what I want and need. (One's never certain until one uses it, of course.)

    I'm also challenged with my current handset: ATT day one Pre+. It has the self-touching habit, especially in notable heat and humidity which is exactly what's going on in the East Coast right now. Makes it so frustrating to use that I'm considering the Veer. But I'm hesitant.

    I was hoping to get it as a stop-gap and then pass it to my wife when the Pre 3 came out as we both are eligible for upgrades on ATT. But then she went to try it out and decided that it was too small. Damn.

    She's on a first-gen iPhail and I'm committed to moving all mobile devices in our home over to webOS. Given her hesitance on the Veer, if I get her a new phone it'll have to be the Pre 3. So, if I do get a Veer as a stop-gap, it'll have to be via eBay and even though they're only $180 or so, that's still a bit rich for me at the moment.

    So, yeah, I totally get your situation, with the ailing webOS phone, waiting for the Pre 3, but wanting to stay with webOS all the way through. It is a challenge even to us webOS faithful.
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    Thank you all so much. I'm on my way to get a veer right now. As long as it is faster than my pre minus, it's exactly what I need.
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    Don't forget that AT&T gives you 30 days to return/exchange your veer ($35 restocking fee) for the Pre3. I just ditched my iPhone 4 for the Veer and love it, but will definitely give the pre3 a good look if it comes out in the next 30 days.
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    I think the 30 day return policy is the perfect way to take a test drive of the Veer.

    Once within 30 days of AT&T's availability date for the Pre3, I may move from my Pre- to the Veer just to see how I like the smaller form factor, knowing I can return it for the Pre3 in 30 days.

    That small form factor is compelling. I like to keep the phone in my pocket at work and around town and when cycling I like to keep it in my jersey pocket. Small is good. Although if I want to use any mapping software while riding, big is better. What to do, what to do...?
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