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    Has there been any news about release dates? I'd rather not have to buy an unlocked phone. The carriers here are Movistar and Entel, as far as I know.
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    We don't even have release dates here in the USA, and this is the country HP/Palm are based out of. HP has been as bad about talking about phone releases as AT&T, and that is REALLY bad. 24 hours before a phone launch, AT&T reps will be saying "We have nothing to announce at this time", and suddenly, the phone is released.

    It's rather pathetic how bad these companies are when it comes to releasing phones, or even talking about future phones in general terms. Is it really so hard to say, "We don't have a release date we can talk about yet, but the phone(or OS update) is on the list of phones we will offer"?
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    Welcome to the Club.

    Mexico isn't on the lists anymore as well.

    Stupid Telcel, Thanks for letting the Pre die by limiting it to 1.4.0!!


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