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    Don't go to the store, get it replaced over the phone, tell them the thing looks brand new and you don't know why it stopped working...
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    I dont know what kind of crappy sprint stores you all are going to.

    Go to a corporate store- if it says anything like "Sprint: Authorized Dealer" or anything on the sign other than "Sprint" its NOT a corporate store...

    I JUST got, as in Saturday- I just had them order a new refurb Pre for me- reasoning was cracks on my screen where spreading.

    Actually my pre- is now my moms and I have a Pre2 on verizon. But her line has Total Equipment Protection so its covered- no deductable.

    It should arrive in a few days, just like any other time I have gotten a replacement- this is now the 3rd refurb- admitidly this one was broken because I was very rough on it - no case- no screen protector etc etc because I "thought" the pre3 was comeing soon lol so I didnt take any steps to protect it or treat it nicely.


    Its BS, it should be free replacement no charge and you should get a new refurb- every refurb I have gotten has been about 90% perfect- check it over when you get it and note to them any "small issues" with the refurb and have them note it on your account so you can use it as reason in a month or two when its beat to hell again and you want another one.

    For example one of mine the mute/non mute switch had one of the nubs smooshed.
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    I'm a little surprised they can still order new original Pres. Are they still in production or are there still enough left in stock?

    The Pre-'s are EOL, End of Life. No more made. They still replace with refurbs which I just got my real one this weekend and it is perfect so far except the usb door doesn't shut flush to the phone. Whatever, I'm almost done modding the heck out of it. Sixty-something patches and going as I have time. I love the homebrew people. I wouldn't have kept this phone for more than a month if it wasn't for the patches and overclocking and all the jazz and whatnot stuffs.

    I am equivalent to a man dammit.
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