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    I'm wondering if we could group together and get a discount?
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    Undecided, i'm happy with my Pre 2 for now.
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    Have already oredered as well. Wish we started earlier. It wold have been better if we found hp employee.
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    Had one pre-ordered at But canceled it after the release date was pushed back. Got a pre2 instead
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    yes I want to buy one, count me in
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    I'm really not sure, I would love a thinner Pre 4, with a virtual keyboard! Bring it on!
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    I need to wait till September for my contract, hopefully a network will have picked it up by then. If not I'll grab a SIM free one and go to a SIM only contract
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    Possibly. Not going to commit until I've seen the reviews etc. Love Webos but got a feeling that unless things like doc editting are included from the getgo it may be time to move on. Not going to buy based on "updates coming soon" this time.
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    This guy from a British Commonwealth country is planning on buying one...
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    I will just go ahead and buy one.
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    Brit here who's not sure. I really like the form factor of the Pre and Pre2 and am not convinced about the extra size of the Pre3. I'll be wanting to see one in person before I make any decision. For the meantime my Pre2 (which I bought before they started flinging them around for pence on ebay) works just fine for me.
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    I was going to buy the Pre 2 when it came out, but changed my mind when I saw the £399 price tag. When I saw the £350 price tag for the Pre 3 I went and pre-ordered it. Now the release date has been pushed back and the price seems to have gone up I'm a little put off, but I will still probably get one. My Pre Plus is starting to show its age, but I can see how Pre 2 users might not want to get it.
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    From the Republic Of Ireland, I would buy one
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    I'm in the UK, Really looking forward to Pre3 actually being available - couldn't afford one right away at £400, but contract is due in Sept, so if there is any carrier in the UK planning to sell Pre3 with a contract, I think there will be a lot of o2 customers coming your way (including me). Even better would be a bundle deal with a touchpad!
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    I'm definitely planning on using the Pre 3 as my first foray into WebOS. Just wish they'd release it dammit!
    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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    hopefully give it to a decent uk network. O2 done a very poor job of the pre initially.

    hopefully let all networks have it !
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    Pre 3 should be out on all Major UK Networks for it to be a huge success in UK
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    Quote Originally Posted by mafu6 View Post
    Pre 3 should be out on all Major UK Networks for it to be a huge success in UK
    That's not very likely, unfortunately :-(

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