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    I was watching this new show on USA called Suits. Toward the last 10mins of the show i saw this and paused it and took a pic using my pre minus. Sorry about the quality. Hopefully somebody can do a better job getting a screen shot from Hulu when its on there.

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    I wanna say Pre3
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    Looks too small to be the Pre 3...
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    Is a Pre2 or Pre.
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    its a pre2 you can tell because the pre2 is curved around the keyboard such as in a banana form and the pre3 is straight. Definetly a pre2
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    definitely a Pre2
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    You actually got me excited for a bit there. But then I noticed the keyboard was that of a Pre(2).
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    So I've been into USA Network shows since Monk and one of their new summer shows, Suits, featured either a Pre 2 or Pre 3 at the end of their 3rd episode. I want to say Pre 3 bc the screen is bigger, but it's not a high quality, so i can't be sure except that it is a Pre phone.

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    I saw it too. I just couldn't tell what model it was, but it looked small to be a Pre3.
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    Gina Torres from "Firefly"!?

    That must be a phone from the future!
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    looks like a pre2

    maybe pre plus
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    Definitely a Pre2 and not a 3
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    Pre 3 is noticeably bigger then that.
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    Good show!
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    IKR! haha and sorrrry! LoL i'm an '09 pre minus user, so i'm not up to date on these new fancy pre 2's and 3's haha. Well anyway it's publicity right!
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    Lol I love that show and I didn't even catch that.

    Another USA show hp advertises on is Covert Affairs. There are hp monitors and computers everywhere. How cool would it be to have a cia agent pull out a veer or a pre3? Wish they would considering they already advertise on the show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vyruz Reaper View Post
    looks like a pre2

    maybe pre plus
    The Pre Plus has a Green calling screen while the Pre 2's calling screen is Blue.

    I'm presuming she was actually were talking on the phone with another character that is.
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