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    Quote Originally Posted by g_schrage52 View Post
    HP swaps Pre3 1.4GHz processor for dual-core 1.2GHz chip

    Another story on it from BGR via Phonescoop.
    Want to bet people have been reading the threads over here at Precentral and are playing them off as real news from insiders? The real problem we have is that with a lack of information from HP, many of us are bored or disgusted with this eternal wait, so we start to come up with wild ideas about why things are delayed. Does anyone have an inside contact at HP, just to find out WHY there is a delay?

    I don't even care about the release date at this point, I just want to know why it has taken so long to release a device that SHOULD have been pretty close to finished back in February.
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    I can't say I'm surprised. Derek does say this is a pre release unit, not a prototype.
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    Also he states that it is a pre 3 model that is pre release for europe... Again like the pre 2...euro first.

    I still feel that there is something going pb for the usa launch
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    Seems the UK site is back to stating 1.4ghz not dual core 1.2 anymore.
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    The page has been changed back to the original 1.4... :/ Also, the mention of Beats audio has been removed.
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    Webos 啥时候发布双核的手机?
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    I had a Pre 3 on order supposedly for delivery in mid-July and was concerned about the sudden change of details on the HP website and lack of information about delivery. Having made numerous calls to different parts of the HP UK organisation a helpful customer service lady finally confirmed in writing yesterday that the processor is the Qualcomm MSM 8x55. Some HP websites had got it wrong but had now been corrected. As far as delivery is concerned they hope to confirm a date for the UK on Friday.
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