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    So I finally got through to Palm's European store (hint: it's easier if you use their local Irish number). Long story short, the Pre 3 has been pushed back to August, so I cancelled and bought a Pre 2 (140!) from LambdaTek instead. Shame they just pulled it down and didn't tell anyone, but oh well..
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    Just Recvd a mail for my query saying its mid july as below.

    Thank you for contacting the Palm Store Customer Service.
    Also apologies for the delay in reply.
    We expect availability of the product to ship: Mid July.

    Capacity of the purchased device is"][/COLOR]

    The Palm Store Customer Service thanks you for the opportunity to assist
    you and hopes to have been of assistance.

    Kind Regards,

    Palm Store Customer Service Representative [/COLOR]
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    Yeh, I got that too - but yeh, call them yourself
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    As I said, use the Irish number for the company (Luzern Technology), not the 'Palm' number as that just goes to an obnoxious voicemail promising to call you back (they haven't yet).

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