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  • I'll buy it no matter when it comes out.

    64 53.78%
  • I will buy it if it comes out in summer.

    26 21.85%
  • I wont buy it if it comes out in fall.

    29 24.37%
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    If the Pre 3 was released in july then it would have been my next phone, but now that they are saying fall I'm definitely not getting it. Does the release date of buying this phone affect if you'll buy it or not?
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    The pre3 has until the sept or if/when the new iphone comes out. I'm tired of the waiting game and I honestly don't believe a thing that comes out of hp's collective mouth!
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    If it comes out on Sprint, I'd buy it whenever, but if not, whole different ballgame.
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    Voted: I wont buy it if it comes out in fall.
    I'm getting the Samsung Galaxy S2 with Bell, if by July 19th Pre3 is not sold unlocked by HP (which it will not, to be released in US by fall).

    I'll probably evaluate Pre4, hoping HP will get their act straight. So far they are playing the same game Palm did, releasing half-products, in a rush to try to stop the iPad/iPhone sales. They failed miserably... that coming from an anti-apple guy.
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    Already got my Veer... Satisfied with my purchase. Won't consider anything else until my contract is up in 2 years or until some truly transformative tech comes along.
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    may get the touchpadGO, at that point I think I'd wait for that one instead.
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    Need 4th option for those of us who don't use unlocked devices:

    I'll buy it if it comes to my carrier
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    Just got a Samsung Facinate on Verizon to lock in unlimited data for the Pre 3! Cost $50 & I can trade it within 6 months for $300 off the list price of the Pre 3...hopefully only $599. Gotta' say, it's frisky but I can't stand not having a physical keyboard! Ready to throw it against the wall! Still going to use my Pre on Sprint until I trade this...just going to play with this at home.
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    Quote Originally Posted by abocornwall View Post
    If the Pre 3 was released in july then it would have been my next phone, but now that they are saying fall I'm definitely not getting it. Does the release date of buying this phone affect if you'll buy it or not?
    Just to clarify, that unless by "they" you mean anyone besides HP, then there is no official word that the release has been moved to the fall. It's all still rumors at this point (unfortunately).
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    A few months is not going to be a big deal for me, besides, I want a webOS phone that will connect with my TouchPad.
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    I would have bought it when it came out had there been news of it by now. As it is, too late now.
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    I'll be buying it. I'm still using my pre-. I don't care what network It's on. I just want it to come out within the next two months. I'll be happy with it no matter what and I do plan on the pre3 being my next phone.
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    I'll buy it if it comes out on Sprint. If it doesn't come out but they announce another WebOS phone on Sprint, I'll probably get that. If neither of those happen, I'll probably Pre2 my Pre-.
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    I have a Franken Pre 2 on Sprint, and don't feel a need to upgrade. However if the Pre 3 does come out on Sprint, I will probably get it.
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    I am eligible for an upgrade right now on Verizon. I can get a Pre 2 for 99 bucks but I want to wait for the Pre 3 and see if I can upgrade to that. Depending on how much it is with my upgrade price and if I can afford it, I will get the Pre 3. Waiting doesnt matter since I am already running 2.1 on my device just fine. When they start releasing bigger updates that my phone cant update to, then I will be anxious to upgrade. But as for now, I can wait and the delay of the Pre 3 doesnt bother me.
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    I'll buy it if it comes out before the N9. After that I'll see if the Harmattan platform is good enough and might buy it. Was planning on giving webOS a go though...
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    I'll buy it as soon as it shows up for a reasonable price on Amazon.
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    I'm not in a HUGE hurry to upgrade my Pre -. Don't get me wrong, the next Sprint webOS phone will get my upgrade but my Pre- workes great still and does everything I want it to. With Sprint TEP, I've gotten a new one anytime something fails on the phone. It is like new at this point. I do want it to come out sooner than later on Sprint simply so that people who need a new phone have the option to choose a webOS phone.
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    Staying with Sprint no matter what.

    Hope the Pre3 still comes to Sprint but not holding my breath.
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    You know what HP could do, they could sell current users Pre2's for a very fair price. Then we (Sprint users) could all have Sprint FrankenPre's and be much happier waiting
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